Integrating Human & Tech Demands to Accelerate Digital Transformation The disruptive excitement of new technologies led to a stampede of reinventing enterprises, cities and even countries. Research shows ten years on, this quest...

The Wisdom Worker in the Digital Transformation The truly digitally transformed organization will employ one key, human-driven component- the wisdom worker. So, who is this wisdom worker, the content practitioner of...

Exploring The Business Use Cases for Amazon Machine Learning

Learning Objectives:  - Learn how to integrate Amazon Machine Learning with applications - Learn how to train a model using Amazon Machine Learning - Learn how...
How microsoft used data science traffic safety

How Microsoft used Data Science to improve traffic safety

How MiFID II implementation will impact real-time data analytics Thomas Kennedy, Global Head of Analytics at Thomson Reuters, explains how the implementation of MiFID II will impact real-time data analytics.

Smart Cities: The Importance of Data, Analytics, and IoT This panel discusses the evolution of smart cities including the tech and policy impediments, bright spots, and lessons learned. MetroLab is an NPO leading...

Future of Work: Digital Transformation, AI, Big Data, and business analytics... What are the implications of digital transformation, technology, machine learning, and new business models on the future of work? The impact of big data...

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