The Wisdom Worker in the Digital Transformation The truly digitally transformed organization will employ one key, human-driven component- the wisdom worker. So, who is this wisdom worker, the content practitioner of...

Machine Learning for Everyone – Google at Cannes Lions 2017 Machine Learning is making the world we live in smarter, providing answers to complex problems from tackling climate change to improving public health. It’s...

Jeff Bezos on Deep Learning, AI and Machine Learning

Google’s Approach to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

In this video, Peter Norvig Talks About Google's Approach to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Tutorial: Linear Regression – Azure Machine Learning

How Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning are Eating the World?

Future of Work: Digital Transformation, AI, Big Data, and business analytics... What are the implications of digital transformation, technology, machine learning, and new business models on the future of work? The impact of big data...

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