Tips on how to improve your data science career Some great tips in this webinar on how to take your data science career to the next level.

How to Train Your Models in the Cloud In this video, Suraj Raval discusses whether you should train your models locally or in the cloud. He goes through several dedicated GPU options and...

Here’s How Python Became A Data Science Powerhouse It is a well-established fact, Python is the best programming language for data analysis because of its libraries for storing, manipulating, and gaining insight...

Learn Real Time Big Data Analytics Using Python and Spark: Hands-On Learn how Spark and Python can be used to get real-time insights from data. A beginners tutorial for Apache Spark and Python.

Google’s Approach to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

In this video, Peter Norvig Talks About Google's Approach to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Tutorial: Linear Regression – Azure Machine Learning

How Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning are Eating the World?
How microsoft used data science traffic safety

How Microsoft used Data Science to improve traffic safety

These are the only 5 questions Data Science answers Get a quick introduction to data science from Data Science for Beginners. This video is helpful if you're interested in doing data science -...

How MiFID II implementation will impact real-time data analytics Thomas Kennedy, Global Head of Analytics at Thomson Reuters, explains how the implementation of MiFID II will impact real-time data analytics.

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